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In the 21st century, humanity is considered an advanced civilization. Progress, technology, science and research, everything around us is evolving, accelerating and improving. Pencil and paper are already historical artifacts, we have applications, codes, passwords for everything. Many human activities are replaced by machines or self-service, or they cease immediately. In fact, one does not even have to leave the house to buy something; Twenty years ago, something unthinkable, but today you can buy whatever you can think of from the comfort of your home, including food, even fresh ones. Formerly science fiction, today reality.

However, when you look around, you can find a lot of evidence of this maturity at literally every step. Wherever you are, in any part of the world, this evidence can be found everywhere. In the woods, in the meadow, in the park, on the main street in the town. And sometimes you can step straight into such evidence. The spectrum is really wide, from the ubiquitous already mentioned faeces, bags to household appliances, tires or furniture, or parts thereof. How many times are you surprised by the quantity, quality or location. For example, how does a pile of tires or a 50l aluminum watering can get into the forest? How many times, with a little modesty, could imagine an apartment during a thirty-minute trip through the city.

Our site is about such traces of human civilization.

We could divide them. Sorting by location is directly offered.

Urban, such as clutter on the sidewalks, furniture or pieces of it near the containers for sorted waste, as well as household appliances or parts. A must not miss the syringe. Packaging from drinks and food, cigarette butts are often just a few meters from the trash. Or the baskets and bins are upside down, emptied, or demolished; in short, an advanced civilization live.

The natural consequences of human civilization usually surround the banks of rivers, various forest roads, rocks, meadows, etc. If you like a bra decorated shrub, you can even choose the color and size.

There is also the possibility of dividing by quantity, into individual or group works. The extent of pollution is often truly admirable, and you often find yourself that human creativity and ingenuity know no bounds. From one can of beer on a bench to a pile of tires in the woods. Curiosities of all kinds are a matter of course, diversity knows no bounds.

A separate group includes various homeless dwellings, often with appropriate decorations. These can be found in cities and in nature in different stages of prosperity and with different populations. They inhabit both former gardening colonies, they often live literally under the bridge, some loners also live in the forest, on the outskirts of the city.

Our world is saturated through and through with garbage of all kinds and of any quantity, and at any time of the year, only under the snow, these consequences of our civility are temporarily hidden, reappearing with ease. Often nature tries to deal with it in its own way, elsewhere it is impossible without human intervention. Even some animals are confronted with the conveniences of our advanced civilization at the expense of their own health.

And so we have questions.

It's a completely different world. It's our world.

Are you not indifferent? Are you worried about these manifestations of our civilization? Do you want to post photos on this site?

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